Saturday, May 13, 2006

Psalm to My Mother

Since this has been previously published in various places and it's copyright well established, I decided to publish it online for Mother's Day.

Psalm to My Mother

Before the beginning of my recorded time
she was,
From everlasting to everlasting,
the only Eve I know.
Beneath her ribs she carried me,
by her labor I was delivered,
bone of her bone, flesh of her flesh.

Hers is a sacred name,
as all our names are sacred.
And I am Betty Louise,
mother of Jennifer Ann,
daughter of Alice Louise,
my life-giver. My creator
who is the daughter of Eve called Jenny June,
who is the daughter of Eve called Clara Francis,
who is the daughter of Eve called Eliza Ann,
who is the daughter of Eve called Sarah.
And the holy line goes on, through nameless women,
gone but never in our hearts forgotten,
to the beginning of all Eves.

And our seeds shall endure,
be established as the moon,
as a faithful witness in heaven.


coyright Betty Becquart Sanders


Blogger Heather Dawn Harper said...

That's beautiful.

2:55 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's lovely, Betty :)

4:56 PM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

The timelessness, the continual flow, the fire passed from one generation to the next. There's a special beauty about motherhood, I think.

Hope all the creators had a good Mother's Day.

10:03 AM CDT  

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