Friday, April 14, 2006

Remember My Office???

Remember when I told you that my office space had been eliminated so they moved me and my desk into the storage closet?

Well. . .

Now I am also the kitchen!

Immediately behind my chair is the short refridgerator, with a microwave on top of that, with a coffee maker on top of that. I have to be really careful when I roll my chair back.

There is also a flatbed dolly that is now being stored in the area between one of the three large storage cabinates and a bookcase.
The office is approx. 9'x6'. The bookcase and fridge are cramed into space on the shorter opposing side walls. The three huge storage cabinates run along the entire 9' back wall. My desk and file cabinate are on the opposite wall next to the door. I face that wall and have my back to everything else. (It is a good thing.)

This is a really interesting experience. I learn what everyone is having for lunch, snacks and drinks. I'm getting in touch with my sense of smell. I'm sure this fridge (since I'm practically living in it) is going to get cleaned out a lot more often than my fridge at home.


Blogger Dana Pollard said...

I'd start charging people to eat in your office. hehe

10:04 AM CDT  
Blogger Heather Dawn Harper said...

Bless your heart B.

That stinks.

10:44 AM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Perhaps if they move in one or two more things they can offer you a shoe horn as part of your compensation package. You know, so that you'll be able to get in and out of the office.

Forgive me, but this sounds like an increasingly outrageous work environment. Are there any plans to move you to a more tolerable space?

12:52 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope the bathroom is not soon included into this mix ;)

7:03 PM CDT  
Blogger Betty S said...

Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. . .
Don't even think it!!!

Nope,, no plan much less possibility of a change. This is it, probably for a long while. My current plan is to meet with some of my students upstairs at a table in the cafeteria. Also, with weather warming up, we could go walk the walking trail and talk. So maybe I can make lemonade out of this.

7:43 PM CDT  
Blogger Amanda McCabe said...

Poor Betty! This sounds like it sucks big-time. And here I felt sorry for myself because I don't have a footstool for my absurdly tall desk at the new job. :) At least I don't have a fridge on my head.

8:54 AM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Betty, I'll light a candle for you or something. I've had bad offices before, but this tops anything in my experience.

12:09 PM CDT  

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