Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome SUMMER !!!

Happy Solstice to All !!!
Summer arrived this morning at 7:26. I slept through it, of course, but it happened just the same.

Solstice and Equinox

Long before the dawn of any of the modern Judeo-Christian-Islamic faiths, rituals followed a more simplistic path. Guided by the natural cycle of birth-life-death-and-renewal, the ancients marked their seasons by celebrating each phase of the wheel of life. Both male and female principals were honored, God and Goddess, and each was given honor as the sun and moon entwined in their cosmic dance.

The festivals that mark the change of season—winter, spring, summer and fall—have been transposed to our modern world. This site explores their meanings and how the old ways of honoring these times have been assimilated into our rituals of passage today.

The Summer Solstice
With the warmth of the season caressing the land, the celebration of the Summer Solstice brings forth a truly joyous recognition that we can now enjoy the fruits of our labors in the past season. It is not surprising that this same spirit of pleasure and fun had carried over into our modern-day recognition of this, the longest day of the year.

Falling this year on June 21st (7:26 a.m. EST), the Summer Solstice is a time of light and of fire. It is a time to reflect upon the growth of the season: the seeds that were planted in the earth and the seeds planted in our souls. It is a time of cleansing and renewal. It is a time of love and growth as well.

The Summer Solstice and Honeymoons
The moon of Midsummer is, in pagan tradition, called the "Honey Moon" from the mead made of fermented honey drunk after the many marriage ceremonies held on the Summer Solstice.

Links to instructions for making Meade:


Blogger Heather Dawn Harper said...

Your calendar must be wrong.

I could swear summer arrived here a few days ago. I have the lethargic, lingering effects of a near heat stroke to prove it. ;)

12:03 PM CDT  
Blogger Betty S said...

LOL. I felt that too, but according to the National weather people it was this morning.

12:27 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice, Betty :)

1:11 PM CDT  
Anonymous Merline Lovelace said...

Happy solstice, Betty! Love the recipe for mead but will settle for a glass of merlot. So color me laaaaazzzzy.

2:37 PM CDT  
Blogger Rinda Elliott said...

Happy Solstice! I met a writer friend for lunch and we shared half a bottle of Principato Rosato. Oh man, I love that wine. We plotted and wrote all afternoon.

Life is good.

7:38 PM CDT  

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