Monday, June 05, 2006

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:
I found a dress and I have 3/4 of the invitations addressed.

The Bad:
The storm this morning knocked out power at the university. We were without electricity and lights until 10 a.m.. When I arrived they had the sliding doors to the buildings propped open to provide some circulation. When I left this afternoon we were still without airconditioning. (It was the upper 80s today) and I still had no computer connection. I received a call from the Parks Dept and the PO# I faxed them to reserve a pavillion for a picnic in September was not received at their end last week so they were canceling our reservation. I refaxed and they still didn't get it. I put it in an envelope and mailed it. I am now wishing I had driven across town and given it to them. (It would have gotten me out of the hot building) The class I teach starts tomorrow and I still don't have the access code for the Prentice Hall website for instructors so I can download powerpoints, etc. Except for finding the dress it has been a very frustrating day. I'm beginning to think I'm not as patient as I thought I was.

The Ugly:
Todd left a message on our machine. It sounds like my computer is DEAD!!! Something about the mother board and not being able to install the basic software after several attempts. (Sad face and much crying, whailing and gnashing of teeth in OKC. My computer was my friend.)

Oh well, at least I found my dress.


Blogger Heather Dawn Harper said...

Oh Betty, I am so sorry about your computer.


6:06 AM CDT  
Blogger Rinda Elliott said...

Darn, the pic won't load. Is it your dress? I'm so sorry about the computer. I mean really sorry. Just go out and spring on a new one with all the good bells and whistles. It'll make you feel better.

Uh, what storm? I slept through a storm?

Oh and is everyone else having to load comments twice? The word verification is never up the first time. Grrr...

9:56 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:37 AM CDT  
Blogger Amanda McCabe said...

Hugs on the computer, Betty. :( But yay on the dress! :) Where did you find it?

3:18 PM CDT  
Blogger Shay said...

that sucks. >:(

sorry about your computer.

the no air conditioning sucks too. felt like 100 inside. I ate my lunch outside yesterday. it was cooler

3:56 PM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Again? The motherboard, huh? That's a $200 repair. You're better off getting a new computer. You can always tranfer your hard drive to another machine.

Really sorry to hear that, Betty. Shay's right. That sucks.

10:52 PM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Oh, no. No recent posts or comments. I guess you're really having problems. I feel so badly, but mostly for myself since we're missing your company.

9:23 PM CDT  
Blogger Betty S said...

Aargghhh! I just posted a really long comment and blogger lost it. I'm now having to re-post.

Heather: Sitting here visualizing you packing and moving to Oklahoma.

Rinda: It wasn't the dress which I found at Coldwater Creek in the mall. Now I'm having 2nd thoughts I may check out that Southwestern place in Edmond.

Bonnie: Thanks for the cyber hug!

Ammanda: What's the name of the store in Edmond?

Shay: How did you like having airconditioning today? Of course, after work I went out and looped the walking trail in the 90+ degree heat. Only did one lap because it was so hot.

Hi Dell: If you find out you are going to be in OKC and can make the wedding let us know.
I can't do like the first time with the wedding because the first time we decided to get married, got a license, called all our friends to meet us at the minister's house, and we were married in his living room. Short, quick, sweet and simple. Bunches of relatives got pissed off because we didn't invite them.

Computer access is interesting right now. I have to sneak on at work (Melanie- don't read this part) or get on someone else's laptop at home.

Latest development. I have a church, I have a "maybe" dress, I have a DJ (Ronnie Kaye-Old time rock and roll), and Ben and I have an appt. with the minister on Friday to "make Plans". That sounds a lot more formal than it is going to be.

10:44 PM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

I bet it's gonna be a blast.

11:07 PM CDT  
Blogger Dana Pollard said...

Ok, you can wing your class until you get your powerpoints. As long as Todd can get your info from your computer, you can always buy a new one.

And dangit, YOU FOUND YOUR DRESS!!!! woohoo!! That is awesome!!! I can't wait to see it.

Officer Sweetie Man's air is out in his police car. He's got an undershirt, bullet proof vest, and a polyester uniform on. In 100 degree weather. He comes home drenched.

11:27 AM CDT  

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