Monday, December 17, 2007


When the storm moved through Oklahoma last Sunday (8 days ago) It left ice, downed trees, and knocked out power for over 500,000 homes.

My power was out Sunday, on again briefly then off again and didn't come back on again until yesterday (Sunday again)We stayed in the cold dark house with nothing but a fireplace until Wednesday when I got some kind of poisoning from breathing fumes from the gas jets in the fireplace. My husband miraculously found us a room for Wednesday night. (one bed) my daughter and I stayed there for one night. (She contracted the flu and 100-101 temps as of the day before the power went out.) Sent the dog to the vet to keep warm. The vet also had no power, but managed to get a generator to keep the animals warm. We transferred to a different room on Thursday night, when my husband and son joined us. My husband was getting bronchitus. Snow moved in on top of the ice either Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun. I can't remember. The days have blurred together. We stayed in that room until Sunday when our power came back on. How many days is that? I have no idea.

The power is now on (thanks to a team of guys who came up from Houston), puppy is home from the vet. My daughter is better, but still has a cough. My husband is getting worse. After several calls to Cox, we now also finally have TV and internet.

Mom road it out at the skilled nursing center. They lost power for 2 days but had a number of large generators to keep them going. Power was out all this time at my house, my brother's house and my mom's house. It was a difficult situation. The most depressing thing to deal with was the darkness. It was unbelievable how quickly that got to me.


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Betty, thanks for posting this and letting us know about your situation. We'll continue to cross our fingers and send out thoughts of healing energy to your mother.

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