Friday, September 21, 2007

Plotting Retreat

The weekend was spent at a working ranch in western Oklahoma surrounded on all sides by cows! Okay. I've been corrected, they are not technically cows, but steers. Cows are female. These were all "male" cattle who have had unspeakable things done to unmentionable parts of their anatomy. Think eunuch. Of course, I didn't notice that their moos were any higher pitched, so I guess any hope for an Oklahoman Steer's Choir is out, even though there were definately long lowing tones in the air.

Di's house was at the base of Navajo mountain.(Mountain by Oklahoma standards, that is) It was sooo quiet. We loved it. Great hot tub! (Ask Sheila and Donnell.) Navajo mountain is begging its own story. I'm thinking fantasy/futuristic/paranormal.

The following are 3 photos of our faithful group, minus one who hadn't arrived yet, laboring away at awesome plots that will stand you on your ears once they're published. (Ignore the dates. Something was wrong with the setting on Julia's camera.)

Donnell, Di, Me and Sheila.
Notice that I am wearing one of Rinda's awesome T-shirts from her
Write Snark Cafe Press. I won this at the last writers meeting and it has become one of my favorite things to wear.

Donnell and Di working on ways to torture their heroine. It was frightening that they were able to come up so quickly with such evil ideas. Hmmm. Perhaps I should be worried and sleep with one eye open.

Sheila, Julia, Myself, and Di taking a break.
Thanks to Julia for the photos.


Anonymous Rinda said...

Oh, I thought the meeting was sharing tips at the library. I was wondering why no one talked about it on the loop.

You look good in that shirt. ;)

4:30 PM CDT  
Blogger Betty S said...

The meeting at the library was sharing tips, or at least I was told that beforehand. It sounded really interesting, but our critique group had been planning for ages to get away for plotting and we weren't going to get another chance for several months. So we decided to go ahead and jump at the chance to go to Di's place.

It sucked missing the meeting. We tried several ways to switch weekends, but Di was tied up, or one of us was. If the whole group had been able to do a retreat we could have merged ours with theirs, but that didn't work out, so we went anyway.

Did you see where I linked to your Write Snark site?


5:45 PM CDT  
Blogger Bonnie Ferguson said...

Sounds like you had a great time :)

3:38 PM CDT  
Blogger Rayke said...

Steers, Hot-tubbing, and Torture ideas...

Sounds like a party.

1:58 AM CDT  
Anonymous Rinda said...

I kind of missed having our retreat weekend this year. Hope they bring it back next year. :)

6:47 PM CDT  
Blogger Rayke said...


I'm actually going to Broadcasting School this year. I'm planning a move to Chicago next summer, and broadcasting school only takes 10 months. It seemed right, timeline-wise.

And it's fun.

I'll resume regularly-scheduled schooling once I get to Chicago.

1:36 AM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

So that's where fiendish plots against heroines take root: on farms. Wow, that's a good thing to know. I'll send some of my characters there, next time.

11:56 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:27 AM CDT  

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