Friday, January 05, 2007

The Adventure Begins - 2007

My brother has lost 7 pounds on SouthBeach!!!

Can you hear the envy in that statement? I had an apple for breakfast, asparagus and cottage cheese for lunch, and I'm seriously looking at the exercise bike that is sitting in the corner of the bedroom. I've got to get really serious about my diet. I rejoined WeightWatchers with a friend, and I'm visualizing my head on slim, svelt, sexy bodies. Watch for miracles to occur in the near future. I am sooooo determined.

Christmas was fantastic! After killing off Christmas, remember the post, we all got together, relaxed and had a wonderful holiday. After the maddness of the post Christmas sales had slowed down a bit, I scheduled an appointment at a local photo studio and we had a group picture taken of the entire extended family. (That sounds awesome, but we really aren't that big.) We proofed and picked them on the spot and I'm picking up our photos on the 12th. We've all decided this is a great new tradition. There has been some talk of doing the photo earlier next year and using it for Christmas Cards. Life is Good!

It is so peaceful now that the New Year is begun that it almost feels eerie. This is the first year in ages that I haven't started it off exhausted. I may actually get to attend the next writer's meeting on the 20th. I can't believe I missed the Christmas Party this year. I haven't seen everyone in so long I am having withdrawal symptoms. Donnell has an online writing class going, which should be exciting. I've done some drumming and folk dancing lately. And I'm "finally" going to the doctor about my stupid sore ankle and foot next week. (Remember the cane I've been using on and off?) It really makes the dancing thing very difficult.

Goals for the year? Have you got any? What are they?

It's 2007.
The Adventure has Begun!


Blogger Judi said...

My intents for the New Year is to exercise more. I joined a gym. To study the Course in Miracles. To find a way to lower my house payment so I never have to live with my kids. smile. Glad your New Years is peaceful. Judi

4:22 PM CST  
Blogger Heather Harper said...

I want to murder my internal editor this year. :)

8:18 PM CST  

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