Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I will spend my day cooking and entertaining family. We woke up this morning to the realization that the dishwasher just broke. HA! It's going to be a challenging and fun day.

I'm thankful this holiday for my friends, family and little dog, Daisy.
You are the riches and treasure of my life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(((Betty))) on the dishwasher. I hope you had a great day!

6:36 AM CST  
Blogger Betty S said...

Thanks Bonnie. With the demise of the dishwasher, I have declared this an equal opportunity kitchen. I have also refused to get a dish drainer. The new rule is, "If you used it, you wash, dry and put it away immediately. NO stacking up of anything."

7:32 AM CST  
Blogger Betty S said...

Yesterday was "Black Friday."

The perfect day to cook, clean, read, or Anything but engage in
full contact parking and
commando shopping
at the mall.

7:35 AM CST  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Full contact parking is recognized as a professional sport here in NYC. And it's not even seasonal.

Hope you had a wonderful day. I am thankful that you're up and running here in cyberspace where I can pop over from time to time to say hello.

12:41 AM CST  
Blogger Heather Harper said...

What did the online Turkey say on Thanksgiving?

Google, Google, Google.

4:33 PM CST  
Blogger Michele said...

LOL! on the Turkey Joke, Heather!

Oh botheration on the broken dishwasher. Hope it's fixed by now!!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones.

Done Christmas shopping yet? **grin*

11:03 AM CST  

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