Monday, September 04, 2006

Kitty Needs a Caption

C'mon....I know you can come up with something!! Here's some captions so far....
"Holy Cat Nip ! "
"Where's the mouse on this thing?"
"Catnip price raised to $5.00 a bunch. It's criminal! All politicians are dogs!"
"Wheeeeeeeeeee! Kitty Porn!!!"
"Yes! I love playing ' Shoot that dog' video game online. Take that Fido!"

*idea borrowed from


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oh No! Not another Furball!"

5:13 PM CDT  
Blogger Rayke said...

[Insert any generic "pussy" joke here.]

3:29 AM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

"That's right, take it all off, rrrrrowl!"

10:28 PM CDT  
Blogger Heather Harper said...

10:49 AM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

Lol, Heather.

1:45 AM CDT  
Anonymous Rayke said...

Are you on that mass emailing list that the President of OSUOKC sent out? If you are not, you're missing quite a show.

5:56 PM CDT  
Blogger Betty S said...

It went out to a student List-Serv. Jenn got it because she was a student. It was the hot topic on campus all day. Emergency administrator's meetings were held. It was a hoot. Basically when the message was sent they didn't include a comment saying don't respond back to the message, AND that any response back would go to EVERYONE on the list-serv. Heads are going to roll.

10:14 PM CDT  
Blogger Betty S said...

I think the cat just saw all 120 messages from the OSUOKC list-serve

10:17 PM CDT  
Anonymous rayke said...

Heck yeah. I am loving it too, some of the messages are hilarious.

I am trying to convince them all that it is a computer virus and we will all die within the next 48 hours.

11:34 PM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

A mass mailing? This sounds interesting. What was the subject?

6:33 PM CDT  

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