Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm Not Lost - Just Hibernating

Sign on building: The Beer Store

Fall semester begins next week. Between meetings and students coming in, I've been swamped. (But in a good way) By the time I get home in the evening, if I get home in the evening and don't have yet another set of Inservice meetings, I'm exhausted and brain dead. Next week (the first week of classes) will probably be worse. After that things should ease up some. I'm still trying to keep up with people's posts. Don't give up on me. I'm with you in spirit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sending you good energy vibes, Betty :)

7:35 AM CDT  
Blogger Sara said...

Sounds like a job for Super Educator. Faster than a Cross Metal Ion gel ink pen, more powerful than a triple-headed electric stapler, able to leap huddles of students in a single bound. Good luck!

8:03 AM CDT  
Blogger Heather Harper said...


What is it exactly that you do for a living?

I just thought you worked in a closet. ;)

9:11 AM CDT  
Blogger X. Dell said...

School year's starting for me too, Betty. We completely understand.

2:05 PM CDT  
Blogger Rayke said...

One jumps out, one jumps in.

There is some sort of coincidental power keeping us from being on "the Blogger" at the same time.

2:47 PM CDT  

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