Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life Gets Complicated

I thought I would post a very quick update and let everyone know what's going on.

Just when I thought life was going to calm down a little, my 86 year old Mom injured her hip Sept. 26th (thankfully NOT a fracture), layed in bed for a month, became weak and loss the ability to get up on her own, took too many asprin and other pills for pain, and by October 24th began bleeding internally and throwing up blood. We spent over a week in the hospital in critical care. Thursday she transfered to a skilled nursing facility for rehab hoping it will help her regain the strength to walk with her walker and drive again.

She is really frightened at the mess she's in and wants me with her most of the time. That's lowered just about everything else in my life to a very low priority. If she can't regain the strength to walk, it will have a substantial impact upon the length and quality of her life.

I still try to read the blogs about every other day before I go to bed.

You guys have great and sometimes very funny things to say.

Don't Worry.
I'll be back.